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Why I will never take my son back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Why I will never take my son back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Whenever you think of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, you think of the optimum care for your little one. At least, that’s the way that it is marketed to us. We put our trust in these doctors with our children. For me, as a new mommy for the second time, I decided to go with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I was sold on them giving my son and I a great experience. I have to say, my first visit with them went well, however, every experience after that has been horribly disappointing. These people are supposed to be professionals. sadly, that is not the case. When it comes down to them checking their work and assuring that the patient has received everything that they need post visit; they drop the ball. I am thoroughly turned off and disheartened. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has to do better.


A Few Positives about Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

[dropcap]Before I go into my issues, I will state a few positives. The staff is usually very friendly. The intake nurses are always extremely helpful and supportive. There are a few good doctors at the location that I was taking my son too (Chamblee). If your issue makes it to upper management, you will be taken care of. The issue with that is… It should never take upper management getting involved in a situation to make sure that the staff does what they are supposed to do.

The Vaccination issue

I am anti-vaccination. There is no changing my mind on my choice not to expose my children to these harmful chemicals. During my first visit, I have to say that I appreciated the fact that the doctor really was knowledgeable. She spoke to me as a person vs. a robot. She had great people skills and I could tell by the way that she handled my son that she was well seasoned and loved her job.  The only issue that I have with that visit was the follow-up telephone call after the visit. The doctor called me because she noticed that I opted out of the vitamin K shot after delivery. I told this woman that I was informed of the “risks” of not getting him vaccinated and that I was comfortable with the fact that he did not receive the vitamin K shot. I flat out told her that I really did not care what “science” had to say about vaccinations, my cultural beliefs do not allow them. That should have been the end of the discussion. The doctor went on to inform me anyway. This was so disrespectful. I understand you want to make sure that people are informed. You asked me if I knew what I was doing and what the risks were. I said “yes”. Do not go and tell me anyway as a fear tactic.


As a mother, I feel like I was not heard when I clearly stated that I do not want anything to do with a vaccination. I don’t care about risks or any of that. I declined to hear any other information regarding vaccinations, why on earth would you continue to run your mouth about it? Furthermore, I know I am not the only parent that has denied vaccinations, especially at that location. It is beyond disrespectful to keep going on about the subject when I have told you:  I know what I am doing and I understand the “risks”.


My son’s eye prescription fiasco

The second incident that happened with this establishment was not resolved until after I literally had to act a donkey about getting my son’s prescription for his eyes. My son was having an issue with his eyes draining. I got off of work early to take him to be seen. When I got there, The doctor (different from the first doctor) seemed to be more interested in what he was eating. I told her that at the time that he was on breastmilk, some formula, and coconut water. Instead of this doctor looking at his eyes, she had the nerve to try and lecture me about giving my son coconut water. This made me feel a way. I know what I am doing. I would never give me son anything to hurt him. He was taking the coconut water because I was transitioning him to formula. The formula was making him constipated, that is why he was getting the coconut water. coconut water is safe for babies in moderation.


This doctor made me so mad that I began to pack up my son and take him to an emergency room. once again, I was concerned about his eyes, not his nutrition. When the doctor saw that I was pissed off, she then said that she would look at his eyes. I stopped packing my son long enough for her to swab his eyes. She told me that they would be sending the swabs off to a lab and that I would know something in a week. I had to ask for instructions on what to do while waiting. She did not offer up any instructions for in the meantime. This woman didn’t do anything to help me feel calm. She said that it could be a bacterial infection and that if it is, my son would receive a prescription (which did NOT work. My son is still having the same problem.). That one week wait turned into three weeks. It turns out that my son did have an infection. I was told that his prescription would be sent to the pharmacy. That was supposed to be the end of that situation. Tragically, the situation got worse before it got better.


It took about 3 days for me to receive my prescription. I was not helped until I called back multiple times regarding his eyedrops. At the end of the day, I spoke with the leading lady over everything. She did some investigating and found out that his prescription was never sent to my pharmacy. Instead, poor communication and carelessness are what made that situation worse. What I learned is that the professionals behind Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, do not communicate good enough. Critical thinking is something to be considered as well. Why is it acceptable to leave any prescriptions sitting in your system at the end of a workday? I feel like when it comes down to my child’s health, these people do not care about my son’s well being. It shouldn’t have taken 3 weeks to receive his results when I was told it would take one. If it was really a three-week wait, I should have been informed on that from day one. The fact that his prescription was never sent off and just sat there in their system is also a problem. This also forces me to ask, What kind of outdated database is Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta really using? What do these people really care about? I am more insulted at the fact that a social worker had the nerve to call me the day after that appointment because she was told that I gave my son coconut water…. Now, these people could be so on point to have a social worker contact me about his feeding but they cannot have someone to call me back about my son’s eyes. Thank God he isn’t blind.


This situation was ultimately rectified because I got pissed off. I don’t like getting upset, not over things like this. I am already leery when it comes down to dealing with doctors. I have watched doctors back home kill both of my grandmother’s with carelessness and recommending things that they did not need. Dealing with doctors for me is already a high-stress situation.  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has brought up familiar feelings of uncertainty and distrust when it comes down to the health of one of my loved ones.


The straw that broke the Camel’s back

What made me finally say, “No, this is not the establishment for my son” was the third thing: two scheduling conflicts. If my son was born on August 19th, why would you schedule his 2-month check up on October 13th? That clearly is not 2 months. The worst part is that I left work early, battled through traffic just to be told that he couldn’t get his official 2-month check up because he was not 2 months yet. So, the receptionist, from the last appointment, wasted my time and cost me money from work. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When I realized that my time had been wasted yet again, I said that I would not be bringing my son back to this place for anything else. I just had another baby. The last thing that I should be doing is the receptionist’ job for free.


At the end of the day, I am left to ask, what exactly have they done to improve my son’s condition? He is still having the same problem with his eye. I do not expect my healthcare provider to be the Dali Lama… I do not expect them to walk on water or perform miracles. I expect care… “health care”. Sadly, this is not the place for my son.

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