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Why the WIC nutrition program doesn’t promote healthy food

Why the WIC nutrition program doesn’t promote healthy food

WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) nutrition program does not have our best interest at heart. At least, not when it comes down to feeding your family real and healthy food. You get the bottom of the barrel products and organic food is out of the question.  However, foods that are known to break down the body, cause disease, and mucus are distributed  in large quantities. Not to mention, nearly all of the cereal that is available under this program, like the produce, is genetically modified. When I examine my time with WIC, especially considering that I am indeed pregnant with my second child, I am  ask myself, “why do I even bother with this?” I really don’t even use it. The “food” choices are horrible.

I received WIC during my first pregnancy after my financial situation suddenly changed. WIC is seemingly a godsend to single mothers and lower income families. For me, at the time, the only thing that it really came in handy for was getting my daughter’s formula. Breastfeeding failed for me  because I was a first time mom and my milk hadn’t come in yet. I was forced to put her on formula while still in the hospital. It was either formula or let my newborn starve to death.

I got formula for her. But, the only other things that I would really use were the juice and little bit of produce that that program allowed.  After researching the juices that are available through the WIC program, I started juicing my own fruits. That is the only way that I can assure my child gets juice that isn’t laced with arsenic, formaldehyde, or something else that has no business being in it.

The WIC program is not complimentary to those who live a true vegan lifestyle. It also isn’t complimentary to those who wish to make their own baby food.  Once I began introducing my daughter to foods, I opted to make it myself at home. There was something about the baby food sitting on the shelves in grocery stores that bothered me. The products in the store are loaded with so many preservatives that they do not need refrigeration. That is scarier than Velveeta “liquid gold” cheese. How can you really say that is nutritional? I remember asking the nutritionist if there was a way that I could get vouchers for fresh produce. It seemed like she couldn’t wait to tell me “no”.  Keep in mind, this is the same nutritionist that told me that her son became handicapped after receiving vaccinations.

It is not a secret that we live in a sickening society. Our current health culture does not put a strong emphasis on the relationship between your food and wellness.  It is our diets that often times dictates how our health will turn out. If you constantly eat junk food and mucus causing foods, you cannot expect to still be in optimum health later in life.  WIC is far worse than junk food because it is promoted as a program that is geared towards  creating great health when it indeed  doing the opposite.


Why WIC is not the way

  • No Organic Foods/ GMO Central
  • Dairy is no good. it creates disease. No human being should really be consuming any kind of dairy
  • Only good for formula  and baby food if you have no other alternatives(still the cheap stuff. Not organic)
  • Does not compliment a vegan lifestyle AT ALL
  • The program does not support/promote mothers making their own baby food

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