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My second try at breastfeeding a Newborn

My second try at breastfeeding a Newborn
Breastfeeding a newborn can make you feel defeated if you do not know what you are doing. I had my first baby in September of 2013. I planned to breastfeed her. Breastfeeding has become even more popular over the years, even though it’s one of the oldest acts in the world that a woman can do.
More mothers are getting hip to the awesome benefits of breast milk for their babies. I was one of those mothers that was set on keeping my daughter away from formula. I going to breastfeed her exclusively. I knew that it was going to be this great experience that mothers everywhere talk about.
I was never told that acclimating your child to breastfeeding could be a bit of a task. Being such a green mother, there were a lot of things that I did not know. For instance, I did not know that there was a process for the milk coming in. I assume that the milk would come splashing out of my nipples right before the baby got here. No one ever told me about colostrum or the importance of it. When I had my daughter, I remember sitting in the bed with her trying to get her to latch on. The nurses there were very encouraging. At first, for a while, she was latching on and she was getting all the colostrum.
I had my daughter around 5 p.m. that evening. My first overnight experience with her and breastfeeding was horrible. I kept trying to feed her and it was not successful. She kept sucking but it seemed like she was not getting full. She kept crying and crying. I got so overwhelmed that I began to cry myself. I felt like a horrible mother. There is nothing worst than feeling like you cannot feed your hungry baby. I actually wrote about the experience on my mommy site. I ended up ordering her a bottle from the nurse and feeding her. I felt defeated by someone who was less than 24 hours old.
As I said before, what I did not know was that breastfeeding itself is a process. I cannot stress that point enough. The hospital that I chose to have my daughter in was not a good one. My birthing experience was not as great as it should have been. The only thing that I felt like that they did do was encouraged a vaginal birth. Their goal was to avoid performing a C-section at all cost. Yet, they fell short with educating and informing new mothers on what they are getting into. Sure, one could argue and say you’re the mom you should know. That argument in itself is insensitive. If someone would have told me to try loving on her, my experience wouldn’t have been traumatizing. I wish someone would have reminded me that she was brand-new and. I was alone and in the hospital by myself with a brand new baby. I was thrown into a new world. I had little support.
This second go-around was a lot different. Not only was I determined to breastfeed my son but I wanted to exclusively breastfeed him. I did not want him consuming any infant formula. I actually had more of an encouraging staff at the hospital that I chose to go to. This time I decided to go way across town to North Fulton Hospital. They took excellent care of me. I didn’t have that rough night with him as I did with my daughter at the other hospital. They were the ones who told me that the baby needed love and a human touch for the first few days. Those interactions are crucial in the early development of your child. I also had an awesome experience with the lactation nurse. She stayed with me for an hour. She went over different techniques and explaining how your breasts are tools. They are designed for nursing. Besides that, she gave me several resources. She also informed me that she and the rest of the staff were there for support. By the time I left the hospital I was breastfeeding without a problem. The milk actually started to come in.
Now, I am breastfeeding my son with no problems. His nutrients come from whatever I eat or drink. Now that I am able to do this I actually understand why other mothers would say that this is so beautiful. Your body is a vessel. Not only is it a chosen middle passage to get the child here, it is also a lifeline to feed your child as well.
I was also sure to drink several different tea blends designed for pregnancy. I drank these teas as often as possible. Sometimes even a few times a day. I also made sure that I kept red raspberry leaf tea to mix with any other blends that I had. When I went into the hospital I took my mother’s milk and my nursing support and my red raspberry tea. I would drink tea throughout my whole stay. That actually had something to do with it as well. That and the determination along with the support has helped me to make my dream of breastfeeding happen.

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