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What is Grade 3 Placenta Maturity?

What is Grade 3 Placenta Maturity?

The midwife told me that I had a Grade 3 Placenta when I hit 37 weeks during this pregnancy. I looked at her blankly and ask her, “What is that”. She then informed me that my placenta was beginning to calcify and die. I had never heard something so crazy in all of my life. I am a 31-year-old original woman… What do you mean my placenta is calcifying?

I hate doctors, and for good reason. Today’s doctor seems to want to keep you sick. It is never about healing. It is always about “treating”. Prevention, education, and nutrition are things that doctors usually do not go into to. I could not believe that my placenta was actually going bad, according to them. The physical symptoms of my pregnancy were normal and my son was very active in the womb. He never gave me a break between all of the kicking and stretching. I saw the ultra sound. That was the way that they diagnosed the “condition”.

There were a few small rings on the ultrasound that looked out of place. After the midwife explained what grade 3 placenta maturity was, she then put me on a ridiculous schedule. She loaded me up with extra appointments. She stressed to me that there was no need to be alarmed, they just wanted to monitor his progress. I had a little under two weeks to go before I could be induced and at that point, I was just ready to have my son.

When I left the office, I did some researching of my own. I found out that the placenta was not designed to last forever. Like the baby, your placenta goes through a developing and aging while in the womb. The placenta goes through four different aging phases at different times.


grade-3-placentaRate of Calcification

  • Grade Zero: Early pregnancy
  • Grade 1: 31 to 32 weeks
  • Grade 2: 36 to 37 weeks
  • Grade 3: 38 weeks

According to the ultrasound, I was at Grade 3 a week early.

I spoke to my Douala and she told me not to stress. She had faith that I was okay and that the doctors were doing “extra”. Not to mention, insurance milking is REAL.  I had had enough. I was tired and really just wanted to have my child. I wanted to nest in peace, not run back and forth to the doctor twice a week.  After having that conversation with her, I canceled the rest of my appointments. Instead, I opted to go in and be induced a week before his actual due date.

My Douala is the truth. Doctors have jerked me this whooooooole pregnancy. @Regrann from @perrinholistic – If you want to beat supremacy- start with yourself, your home, and your family. Retake control of your lives. One of the most revolutionary things you can do is to demand promoter care and the right to make the decision about your own care. Your placenta is not “medical waste.” It’s gold. Why you think they wanna keep it? Whether you decide to keep it, encapsulate it or bury it under a tree- it’s yours. One of my clients were told by a doctor that her #placenta was calcified and she couldn’t keep it. I asked her to allow us to make that decision together. This placenta is 100% healthy. I was able to slice it for dehydration with one hand. Does it look like it was left off of bad and boujee to you? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise in an attempt to make money off of your blood. The revolutions, access to rights and the change that we want to see begins with us. ✊🏾 #placentaencapsulation #reproductiverightsarehumanrights #makingsustainabilitydope – #regrann

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My baby boy was born weighing a healthy 8lbs and 5oz. I had him naturally with no complications. outside of him surviving trauma in the womb, he made it here with no problems. He is perfect.

Oh… And my placenta was not calcified in the slightest bit. My Douala actually dried it and encapsulated it for me (post about that coming soon). Both baby X and I are doing fine.

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