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DIY Baby food vs. Processed Baby Food.

DIY Baby food vs. Processed Baby Food.

What do you do when you do not trust the jar food? Create  DIY baby food. After unsuccessfully trying to  feed my daughter the jar food several times, I finally gave it a taste myself. After I did that, I quickly understood why my daughter was acting like I was trying to kill her. If I was an infant and I had someone try to feed me that garbage, I would react the same way. The Devil is a liar.


  1. You know exactly  what your baby is eating.  You can bypass all of the preservatives, sodium and sugar. After all, you are the chef.
  2. You get to personalize you baby’s diet the way that you see fit and you can expose them to different fruits and veggies that you cannot get already made. For instance: Plantains.
  3. The savings. Baby food can add up. It is a lot cheaper to make it and blend it yourself at home and if you have your own garden, baby eats for free.


  1. You literally have to get off of your but  and make the food.

The sun didn’t break thru the clouds until I spoke out about my frustrations on Facebook. A friend of mines inboxed me on how to make baby food fresh and store it.  It literally takes a village to raise our babies. I have to share.


  • You can either do fresh fruit or frozen. However, fresh is ideal just make sure that you properly clean it thoroughly to rid produce of any wax or pesticides that may be on them. Also, start with basic fruits and veggie. Do not blend up a number one combo from crack-donald’s or a ham n cheese sandwich and think that that’s okay. IT’S NOT.
  • You can either steam or boil veggies until they are done. I prefer steaming.


  • Once the food is done, you can  begin blending. If for some reason, you blend up the food and it is giving your blender or food processor a hard time, add a little bit of baby water to the mix until  the food is pureed to you liking.



Your baby food is pretty much made after this step is completed. The next thing is storage.

  • This baby food is all natural with no preservatives. Unlike the processed baby food, this does not have a “shelf life”. If you plan on sitting this on the shelf in the pantry, you will be throwing it out in a few short hours.  You must refrigerate this food once it is made.  If you cannot find small containers  for your food, I have another suggestion (thanx to my friend): ice trays. Use a spoon and fill the ice trays. Freeze the food in the trays for a few hours or at least until the food hardens.


  • Once the food hardens, remove from ice trays. Store the cubes in a labeled gallon-sized  ziplock bag and there you have it: HOMEMADE BABY FOOD.


When it is time to feed your baby, simply remove one to two cubes  and allow them to thaw out. For instance. I will give my daughter formula for breakfast. I also pull out her food  that I am going to feed her for  the day right after she finishes her morning bottle. You can use a microwave but I personally don’t recommend it. Instead, set the food on the stove in a bowl or in direct sunlight to thaw (perhaps on a kitchen window seal).

As you can see, making baby food is not a hard process. If anything, you will have more peace of mind.  My daughter noticed a difference between processed and homemade food.  She will eat the homemade food with no problems, fight, or hesitation. Give her the processed food and it is HELL TO PAY. The first five years of a baby’s life are critical. This is where they grow the most and soak up everything like a sponge.  As a mother, this suites me. I know what my daughter is consuming.

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