An Honest Moms Journey through Motherhood




I was born in the small, rural town of Whiteville, North Carolina in the mid 80’s. I first moved to the city of Atlanta at the age of three. Atlanta served as an authentic reminder that there was more to life than the dilapidated slave shacks that decorated acres of fields back home.

I was never one of those little girls that dreamed about becoming a mom. I would hear most women talk about how it is the most empowering yet tiring jobs that they could ever do in life. I believed that and respected that and immediately decided that it wasn’t for me. Let’s be real, I enjoyed being selfish and only having to worry about myself.

At the age of 27, God has blessed me with the burden that I never wanted: Motherhood. All of the cliques are right. Knowing that you are about to be responsible for molding another human being’s life instantly changes your state of thinking. “Half steppin'” is no longer acceptable on any level.  When you learn that you are about to become someone’s mama, you instantly push yourself harder. Sometimes your social circle shrinks as a result, but your standards and sense of self value increases amazingly.

Today, at the age of 30, I managed to find real love. The content single woman that was so comfortable living as a bachelorette in the city of Atlanta is now all about  community, growth, and family.  My life moves forward as the leading lady of a blended family and baby number 2 heading our way in August of 2017.

For me, I think that the gift of motherhood was God’s way of “clicking the light on” and telling me to wake up and push a little harder.


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